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Providing Analytical and Monitoring Instrumentation for Laboratory, Industrial, and Process Applications and Controls.


Beta Tech Scientific - Chromatographic Equipment, HPLC, Gas/Liquid Analyzers and Monitors, Process Monitoring

Manufacturers represented and distributed by Beta Tech:

  • CDS – lab and process - Front end to GC, GC/MS, FTIR.
  • Car May – high precision lab pumps and integrated lab robotic systems.
  • GE Analytical Instruments – oil in water monitoring
  • Guided Wave – Lab and process – NIR, IR, and UV/VIS photometers and spectrophotometers.
  • Quant Technologies – HPLC detection systems.
  • RKI – gas analyzers and monitors – Combustible, Toxic, and specialized gases.
  • Shiseido - HPLC detection systems.
  • BTS Analytical - customized process monitoring and analyzing equipment and services – for water, gas, and air related applications… Offering automated designs and manufacture that will encompass sample draw as well as in-situ sensing and analysis via FTIR, IR, UV/VIS, GC/MS, HPLC, Titration, conductometric, coulometric, specialized detection systems, etc .
  • BetaTech Service – professional service for all the equipment we market and manufacture as well as other manufacturers’ systems. Call (630)293-1626 for an estimate and proposal to fit your specific needs.

Miscellaneous accessories and supplies:

  • Calibration gases
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Probes – insertion probes, gas probes, flow cells, and customized versions
  • Fiber optics for in line analyzers.
  • Filters – particulate, coalescing, oil drop-out, etc for sampling lines
  • Controllers for analyzers and monitors

Products offered by Beta Tech:


  • Pyrolysis and Pyrolysis Auto-Samplers
  • Pyrolysis with GC - GC / MS
  • Thermal Desorption and Auto-Samplers
  • Thermal Desorption with GC - GC / MS
  • Purge and Trap - and Auto Samplers
  • Purge and Trap with GC - GC / MS
  • Headspace (dynamic) and Auto-Samplers
  • Headspace (dynamic) with GC - GC /MS
  • Auto-Samplers with GC - GC / MS
  • Pyrolysis Mass Spec Libraries
  • NQAD - Universal HPLC Detector
  • Shiseido HPLC Columns

Gas Analyzers and Monitors:

  • Portable: 1-6 gas capable units – personal, confined space, area, sample draw, passive systems, etc.
  • Fixed mount: single to multiple capable units – catalytic, IR, Electrochem, MOS, PID, and others
  • Calibration kits
  • Site consultation and other services for gas analysis and monitoring needs
  • Custom designs – please consult with us

Water Analyzers and Monitors: waste water, clean/potable water, process water, ground water

  • Oil on water Monitors – Oil sheen/oil thickness, for ponds, water ways, tank farms, sumps, wells, etc.
  • Water Analyzers – for Petrochem, metal finishing, chemical, power, waste water, semiconductor, food and beverage, drinking water, feed water, etc. Many chemical species detected and analyzed
  • Custom designs – please consult with us

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor and Water Vapor monitors and analyzers:

  • Turnkey automated continuous measurement of sterilant and water moisture concentrations
  • Utilizes Spectroscopic analyzers, probes, and fiber optic interfacings
  • Custom designs – please consult with us

Process Monitoring – utilizing full spectrum Analyzers:

  • Single and Multi-Channel UV, VIS, and NIR Spectrophotometers
  • Fiber Optic sampling systems
  • Custom Sampling Systems
  • Patented single fiber optic cables ruggedized for process and industrial conditions
  • Powerful Client Server process Monitoring Control Software easily integratable with customer systems
  • Custom Designs – consult with us

Insertion Probes and flow cells interfaceable with most online Spectrophotometers:

  • Gas Cells
  • Single pass absorption probes
  • Single pass Transmission probes
  • Reflectance probes
  • Shuttle probes
  • ATR probes


  • High precision Lab and Process systems. Custom systems available.

Lab Spectrophotometers. UV, VIS, NIR

  • Single and multi-channel systems

Lab Photoelectron Spectroscopy

  • Designed for easy thin-film measurements to lower than 20nmm thicknesses - in ambient air- no vacuum
  • Also - estimate work function, ionization potential, and density of states (DOS)


Beta Tech Scientific - Technical Services for Laboratory, Industrial, Process Applications Analytical & Monitoring Equipment

Beta Tech Scientific - Technical Services for Chromatographic Equipment, Gas / Water Analyzers and Monitors

Beta Tech - Custom designed liquid and gas analyzers and monitors







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